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Onifade and mom at premier

Onifade & Mom

MEET Onifade & Ifaseyi

When you meet these two bright spirits, you cant help but share the love they have for the world.  Onifade is such a Old bright young man, who loves to help his mom, whom he refers to as "The Chef", create such delicious dishes.

Here recently he's gearing up to go to Africa for some spiritual uplifting and visiting family, he decidied he wanted to start his own cookie company.  I know.  what 8 year old thinks this way.  As we say he is an old man. :D  He felt he should contribute to his portion of the trip.

So he turned to his mom, "The Chef", and asked for her assistance in getting things going and here we are.  Hes ready to spread his love for cookies and treats to the world.

Catering & Events


We are so excited to provide our greatest loves for your events.  All of our deliciousness is made from scratch and no fillers or artificial additives.  All whole food goodness.

The love of the cookie

Changing the world one cookie at a time

Onifade. 8. is such a spiritual and fun loving young man.  He's always looking for ways to enhance everyones lives and bring them joy.

Onifade has decided once he gets enough money raised for his way to Africa, he will start a foundation to teach other kids how to cook and eat better.  He says, "when you eat organic foods momma, you feel and act better."  And will all so teach how to make his fabulous cookies.  Also will give to the homeless on the weekends to make sure they know they are loved.

The beginning of greatness

"There is Nothing better Than a cookie full of love, unless its Chocolate"

- Onifade "The Classic Man"-

Contact Me


Please if you need any information or have any request please leave a message.  thank you

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